USBWebserver CMSimple

USBWebserver - portable Offline Web Server

USBWebserver is a portable offline web server for PC that is not installed or registered in the system. Therefore, USBWebserver can be stored on a USB stick and thus activated on any Windows PC.

Unfortunately, USBWebserver has not been further developed since 2013. The original is still available today (January 2024), but with Apache 2.4.6, php 5.4.17 and PhpMyAdmin Anyone who knows a little about this knows that you can't get very far with something like this these days, and you certainly can't operate, test or develop current software.

And as is with discontinued software, you can find some further developments from fans on the internet who then offer it somewhere. There is something on a Russian site without an imprint, with php 8.1.3, and I also found something on Sourceforge with php 8.1.7. No one of them gives the impression that regular updates can be expected.

I think that's a shame, and that's why I've decided to take care on this actually brilliant, but outdated software. The result is USBWebserver CMSimple and is presented and available for download on the following pages.

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