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CMSimpleCoAuthors Demopages

Hello and welcome on my demo installation of CMSimpleCoAutors.

What is CMSimpleCoAuthors?

CMSimpleCoAuthors is a specially configured CMSimple Subsite.

External authors can create own contents in an own subsite, and the administrator of the public website can insert them, using the plugin CoAuthors, into the public website.

The "inserted by CoAuthors" external contents you can recognize by the yellow boxes above the inserted contents, like in the newsboxes below.

3 external authors are installed for demo. The subsites of author 1 and 2 are visible, so you can have a look on their installations:

installation of author 1 »

Author 1 is blogging, maintains photo galleries, publishes videos, designes tables etc.

installation of author 2 »

Author 2 maintaines the newsboxes for the public website.

The website of Author 3 is hidden for visitors:

installation of author 3 »

The following pages are imported pages, from the installation of CMSimpleCoAuthors, in the subfolder"author1".

The author can call the subdirectory "author1", log in and edit the pages. The changes, made by the co-author, are visible immediately in the main website, after a page-reload.

Sorry, but the demo pages are only available in German, because the external authors are writing in German Wink.