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Please accept my terms of use. If you make money with my templates, be so fair and buy a Commercial Licence »

It is not allowed to relay the plugins or to provide the plugins for download.

All rights reserved by ge-webdesign.de.

The following terms of license apply to all templates and plugins, they are not explicitly marked as freeware.

Commercial Websites

If you want to use my templates and plugins for a commercial Website, you have to buy a Commercial Licence.

Commercial Websites are all Sites published to make money and all Sites with payed commercials like banners, google-adsense etc.

Commercial License Templates (CLT):
80 EUR netto (+ 19% VAT)

Commercial License Plugins (CLP):
120 EUR netto (+ 19% VAT)

Commercial License General (CLG):
180 EUR netto (+ 19% VAT)

The General License allows you, to use all templates and plugins from ge-webdesign.de in one (1) CMSimple installation.

Resellers, Webdesigners, Agencies

For Webdesigners, using my templates and plugins for Customer websites, special offers for template- und plugin licenses are available.

Please contact me per e-mail, you will get a link to the special offers for webdesigners and web agencies.

Private Noncommercial Websites

The free usage of my plugins on non-commercial websites is possible against an acknowledgement  (eg on a Legal Notices page) with a link to ge-webdesign.de, example:

We use the following plugins:

FotoPro, PhotoBoxes and MailForms from ge-webdesign.de

To use my templates on private pages and websites of schools and charitable organizations, there are 2 license models available:

Linkware Licence

For private Websites you may use all downloadable templates for free, if you let the template-link, on every page clearly visible, in your template:

Template: ge-webdesign.de

Remove Link Licence

If you want to use my templates on a private Website without template- or plugin-link, you have to buy a  Remove Link Licence for every CMSimple-Installation are using my templates or one of my plugins, please contact me per e-mail.

Remove Link License Templates (RLT):
29,75 EUR incl. 19% MWSt

Modifications of Templates

If you modify a template to your liking, for example change the header image, you can modify the template link as follows:

Template: ge-webdesign.de modified by your link